This film was much different from the previous King Hu films I’ve seen so far. In Legend of the Mountain, we see King Hu starting to experiment with special effects. This was a fun film for me and the effects didn’t seem too overdone. There is also a great ghost story behind this film which kept me engaged throughout and I never found myself bored at any point. One thing that would have made this film greater is if there was more of an establishment of why there were so many spirits lingering that area. I felt like that kind of introduction would have made it way more suspenseful and meaningful.

The casting was great once again. I enjoyed seeing those familiar faces that I associate with King Hu films. This time we met a new actress that I felt was perfect for her role as cloud in comparison to her evil enemy, who was also perfect for her role. I thought it was very interesting that King Hu chose to use a male to play Madam Wang. I think this was very experimental and creative of him and it was a great – a nice unique touch to this film.

I’ve noticed that we are starting to see less flying scenes as well. Overall, this was another creative film by King Hu and I really enjoyed seeing how King Hu developed up to this point in his career.


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