Chinese Title Translation: Affairs in the Spring Pavilion

The first thing I noted while watching this film was that he once again began the film with Chinese music, writing, and voice over, which appears to be common in his films. The really interesting thing about this introduction is that King Hu tells the history of a specific person, which shows his passion for history, and then goes into the story. Another thing that I really liked in this film, and that King Hu often does in his films, is that he used a woman, or women, to be very powerful characters in the story. This is one thing that really makes his films great for me. If he hadn’t used such powerful women in his story I don’t think it would be nearly as spicy.


The scene near the beginning had the three men come in to rob them and out of all the people there, the waitresses are the ones who end up fighting them off. This was expected for me because by now I am a lot more familiar with King Hu’s style, but it is still a great method for introducing that characters in a very engaging way. King Hu also used another familiar idea, which was to have a solo mysterious male add humor to the story. It was very interesting that he used the bad guy from the end of A Touch of Zen to play this part, but it worked and he played the part well. King Hu seems to like to use the same main actors and actresses in for his following films.

There seems to be common threads within all of King Hu’s films and I enjoy this because I feel like I am getting to know King Hu better as a director.


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