Part two of this film was more entertaining. There was a twist with the character Gu. He seemed to be the main character in part one, but part two focused a lot less on him. It started part two with Gu still seeming like the main character. Gu laughs hysterically for an exaggerated amount of time when he sees that his plan has worked. After he realizes that Miss Yang is gone and he goes to look for her and finds the baby, the story changes it’s focus.


If he was supposed to be gay in this story, I wish it would have been made more obvious. If it was more clear in the storyline that he was supposed to be gay, I think the film would have been even more interesting. The part about Miss Yang giving him a baby would have been even more meaningful as well.

I have entered the monastery. The Gu family has their heir.”

Speaking of the baby, I wish the film would have shown Gu’s mother’s reaction to the baby. I think this would have been a good closure for her character because she is the one who prompted the idea of having – or not having – a baby to carry on their family name.

The best part about this second half of the film is the Abbot monk. I was really engaged when he was on screen because I was curious how he would defeat the bad guys without violence.img_3.jpeg

The suspense really comes when the abbot fights without weapons and tries to leave peacefully but the eunuchs try to trick him.


I liked the idea of having the bad guy become so confused that he kills his own men and then himself, because what they did was really wrong, and of course because the abbot should remain peaceful throughout the movie. The end where the monk bleeds gold and goes and sits on the rock was a bit much, but the idea worked for me. I think this film ended better than the others that we saw.


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